Becoming a Member

Guidelines for becoming a member of the St. Louis Homeschool Network

All homeschoolers in and around the St. Louis Metro area are welcome to join the St. Louis Homeschool Network aka SLHN. Interested people must attend at least one meeting before becoming a member. Exceptions must be approved by the Steering Committee. We recognize that there are many groups in the area and that ours may not be the best fit for a particular family. In coming to a meeting you can make the decision of whether or not SLHN is the right support group for your family. This requirement is a good way to meet some of our members and to make sure our group is a good fit for you.

At a meeting, interested people can receive a membership form from the greeter, a Steering Committee member, or the group Treasurer. This form will ask for the basic information needed to join the group and is required along with dues to join SLHN.

Once a membership form has been received by SLHN, the new member will receive information on how to join our website and forum as well as all the benefits of being an SLHN member. Be sure to check your spam folder for the message.

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