Learning Co-op

SLHN Learning Co-op (SLHN Co-op) is designed to provide educational opportunities in a variety of settings and to enhance current curriculum that the members use in their homes. SLHN Co-op offers a variety of classes from social field trips to high school level classes with varied teaching styles.

Co-op participation is open to all SLHN homeschooling families who meet the requirements of membership in the SLHN group.

Each participating family must offer one free class. The minimum requirement is that the class must be at least 90 minutes of total class time (one 90-minute class, or two 45-minute classes, etc.) and be offered to five children in addition to the children of the family offering the class. The free class may have a materials/supplies fee but otherwise must be free. This is the minimum requirement to participate in the Co-op. Members may offer longer classes or meet on multiple days or have a larger class size. Once this minimum requirement for the Co-op is met participants are welcome to offer more free classes or offer a class for a fee.

New members of SLHN who want to participate in the Co-op their first semester with the group, will do so as a trial. New members are welcome to sign up for classes, without having to offer a class. Trial members will be assigned to classes after participating members.

Although some classes may take place in a church, our Co-op is secular. Classes about world religions, including field trips to various places of worship, are welcome, but there are no statements of faith, prayers or religious instruction associated with our group.